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Weird and Fascinating Weather in the Land Down Under

I suppose having once lived in the UK and now living in Australia is the reason why so many people ask if I moved to Australia to enjoy sunnier days. Well the weather did come into the equations when thinking of moving to Australia but I wasn’t prepared for whats happening now. I’ve already had my introduction to some of the scary creatures of the Outback, but I daresay I can add some scary weather too. Ok, maybe the word scary doesn’t quite apply – more like weird I’d say. I mean one doesn’t quite associate Australia with temperatures of  13, snow and wind. But thats what happened in July and people who have lived here a long time tell me this is actually a rare weather phenomenon and  temperatures dipped far below average in Victoria and New South Wales.

red clouds

Its odd as one doesn’t quite associate snow and ice with Australia. I’ve seen how huge dust storms have blanketed huge areas of Australia’s southeastern coast already, literally covering covering cities and towns before moving out to sea. It may not be scary, but thick red clouds of dust or unusual snow – they may cause a bit of havoc but the weather conditions in Australia keep life pretty interesting.