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The Deadly Spiders

The hairy eight legged creature is really scary. In Australia you find the biggest, and the most dangerous spiders. There are close to 10,000 species of spiders in the island continent. I would just list a few most dangerous ones.


Australian tarantula

This is the scariest and the most infamous. With leg span of 22 cm and fangs measuring 1 inch, it is indeed an ominous sight. It is also the longest living species in spiders. They hiss when provoked and bite can invoke vomiting for 6 hours in humans. The venom is fatal for smaller animals like cats and dogs.

The Redback

Redback Spider
The Redback

This one is iconic. The most venomous and the bite can lead to death among young and old. The effect of venom can range from excruciating pain to paralysis. The anti-venom keeps the people safe though.

Sydney Funnel Web

Sydney funnel-web spider
Sydney funnel-web “The Aggressor”

The most terrifying of them all. This one attacks and is very aggressive. There have been many cases of these monsters clinging on to the victim and injecting their venom in dangerous quantity. The venom is highly toxic and is injected by huge fangs and can kill a man in 15 minutes.The symptoms after biting are spasm, palpitation, vomiting and swelling of the brain in some cases.


Brown Recluse - Loxosceles

They look very innocuous, but their venom destroys muscle and RBC. The injuries afflicted by bites are slow to heal and in extreme cases amputation may be required. However the fangs are quite small and their area is very limited.

So, this was a small review of some of the dangerous creatures of Australia.

More to come in the next post.