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Holiday Destinations for Australians – Gunung National Park, Malaysia

Holiday Destinations for Australians - Gunung National Park Malaysia
For a person like me, holidays are mostly spent in England as my relatives are there. Last year though, I travelled to Malaysia. It is one of the popular holiday destinations for Australians. It was really nice, as it had a mix of the urban and the natural. Only after completing the trip did I realise why Malaysia ranks as one of the top holiday destinations for Australians. Let me tell you about the highlights of my trip. Gunung Mulu National Park – It has one of the longest networks of caves in the world. You need to really explore them in order to experience it fully. There are various caves, but the most wondrous is Deer Cave. It is so big that it can accommodate three large cathedrals. You can also hike to “The Pinnacles“, which are natural marvels created by the weathering of limestone. The canopy walk is what I enjoyed the most. It takes you on a journey that is unimaginable. The screeching bats in the evening were both scary and fantastical. For me, it all was a once in a lifetime experience!