About me

Hey there, I’m Andrea…I was born in England but grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, a regular tomboy playing in the bush. In my 20’s I moved back to England for a few years, then on to Germany and Sweden for a while. I was used to all the questions the Brits asked about living in Australia, but they had been bought up on a diet of Home and Away, what I realised was that Europeans were much more fascinated by the scary aspects of Australia – convinced if they set foot there a shark was going to gnaw their leg off while simultaneously being strangled by a snake. I moved back to Australia recently, and now clamber through the bush with my eyes a bit more open. In this blog I want to look at the scary aspects of life in Australia, the facts and fiction that surround this country, in the hope to make sense of it all.


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Exploring the dangers of Australia, facts and fiction

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