Some Scary Creatures under the Sea

Not only on land but the sea in Australia are full of scary creatures. I have already told you about the Sharks and Crocs. There are more creatures under the sea which are not only scary but fatal for us humans. The top three underwater killers are not big but fatal killers. Size does not matter here

Irukandji Jellyfish

Irukandji Jellyfish – Small but extremely dangerous are these jellyfish. Measuring just one cubic centimeter they are highly venomous and inhabit the marine waters of Australia. They fire their stingers into victims causing extreme pain and nausea. The venom is 100 times more potent than a Cobra, and can cause death if not treated quickly.



Blue-ringed Octopus

Blue-ringed Octopus – Yes octopus can be deadly, and the only species fatal to humans is found off the coast of Australia. Most scary fact is that these creatures inhabit the shallow coastal waters and are always present near the beaches. The venom can simply be passed through contact and there is no pain. In 10 minutes there can be total shut down of the body. The children and young adults are more at risk because of their body weight being less.

Conus the Snail that kills

Conus the Snail that kills – Could you ever imagine that a snail could kill? Well Australia has this surprise for you. Just six inches in size they look like a normal snail but are dangerous. The Conus is found in coastal waters and hunts fish. But accidental stings can cause death with no known anti-venom available. The venom is put into the victim via a harpoon like tooth propelled by a proboscis.


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