My Introduction to the Grandness of the Outback


 As a Brit living in Australia now, the Outback intrigues me. It’s almost unthinkable that the world’s largest cattle station in it is almost the size of an entire country. The Outback isn’t only about desert like vegetation – there are other parts like creeks and canyons and even waterfalls. In spite of the sometimes pretty inhospitable temperatures, there are some deadly creatures living here. I joined an Outback Adventure tour toward the end of last year and thankfully was introduced to the Western Brown Snake. Our leader casually informed us that they have venom that kills and that we should simply watch where we put our feet and to stand dead still if we do meet one.


When we boarded our 4×4 again, he saw me scratching around my neck and said it may be the red back spider. Once again he casually announced that this spider can inflict severe pain to its victims and sometimes death. My horrified expression quickly made him admit he was just teasing. He said that the Outback has lots of creatures that have adapted to the extreme temperatures and weather extremes. Well that was my introduction to the Outback, but I promise to keep you posted about the many fascinating facts about this interest land.


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