Some more Dangers…..

I have talked about snakes and spiders and jelly fish as well. But there are many more animals which make Australia a dangerous place to travel especially hike.

Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodiles

These are pre-historic predators. They are 25 ft long and can kill with a single bite. The lurk near the river banks and it is very difficult to escape their jaws. One for the sharks in Oceans. They are really dangerous, so do not venture near river banks without care.

Sharks are dangerous


Australia is home to three different varieties of sharks which are dangerous. They are the bull shark, the tiger shark and of course the gigantic Great White. The Great White is most feared but the most dangerous is the Tiger Shark which will eat anything alive. Scary is it not?

Cute but Dangerous

Drop Bears

They look like Koalas but are not that cute. They lurk in trees waiting for prey and will drop to kill. It is really scary to find a cuddly bear with teeth in your neck.


The second largest bird in the world it is vicious. If threatened it will attack with its sharp claws and beak. It is beautiful but deadly. Attacks on humans are common with deaths also reported. will help you pay you medical bills.



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