Deadly snakes of Australia

In a recent study it was found that humans are naturally afraid of snakes. It is imprinted in our genes. Only few snake species are poisonous. Australia has largest collection of deadly and poisonous snakes.

Venomous Snakes

Some of the most deadly snakes are:

  • Common Brown snake – This snake is found in eastern side of Australia and is responsible for most number of Human deaths. It is fast, aggressive and easily roused. When angry it rises up from the ground in an “S” shape and strikes. Its venom is one of the most toxic and leads to progressive paralysis. If the victim is left untreated for more than 10 minutes, death is imminent.
  • Common Tiger Snake – Tiger snakes are responsible for second highest number of bites. They are found in highly populated areas along the east coast and even in some urban areas of Melbourne. Their venom damages blood and muscles, and leads to kidney failure. When angry they strike low on feet.
  • Inland Taipan – This snake has the most toxic venom of all terrestrial snakes. Found in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales it is very reclusive. They are deadly but due to rarity very few bites have been reported.
  • Common Death Adder – The unique toxins in the venom of the common death adder makes it deadly. Around 50 percent of bites result in deaths. The venom causes loss of motor functions which includes respiration, leading to asphyxiation and eventual death. It is found in Eastern, Southern and Western Australia.
  • King Brown Snake – It is the most aggressive snake found in Australia. They bite savagely and chew muscles injecting large amounts of venom (Up to 150 mg). They hiss loudly and are frightening when they sway. It is found all over Australia.

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