Snakes, a few details

snakes are more afraid of us

I mentioned in my last post how I had never seen a snake until I ventured out of my safe little city life. Most Australians are the same, we go about our normal life without any fear. Those who live in more rural areas or near bush may have higher experiences, but again they’re not running around all day screaming. The truth is it is not that big an issue. A bit of common sense when in bushland settings is your best friend.

As this article points out, there are roughly 3000 snake bites a year (stop panicking – think population numbers!) of that only between 200-500 need anti-venom, and one or two are fatal. One or two..think how many people die from random acts of stupidity, we need perspective. The main reason people die is lack of treatment, and how many of us are going that far out in the bush. Snakes dislike us more than we dislike them – they will sense us coming way before and move out of our way in general. If you do happen to be walking through bush, they’ll feel your movements, so walk heavy! What may seem strange to some, but is truthfully quite normal in rural areas – certain snakes are actually not discouraged from a property. Pythons are not dangerous to humans, but will attack Brown snakes which are deadly – having a Python is often seen as a safety net.  Generally people living in snake prone areas will also have the number for a local snake catcher, and some good general knowledge about snake types.



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