A little knowledge goes a long way..

Australia is a scary place in some regards – a harsh environment that could leave you dead in a short time without preparation. But, the reality of that statement is far from the truth. I’ve lived in Australia for most of my life and, as I like to point out to ny friends, I’m still here!

don't swim with crocodiles

Most Australians encounter nothing more dangerous than sun-burn or mosquito bites – we live in comfortable cities surrounded by mod-cons to keep nature at bay. In fact, until I travelled to Queensland one year, I had never seen a snake in the wild. When we do go out of our comfort zone we go prepared, you wouldn’t just drive into the desert without sufficient water and supplies, or jump into a lake in the Outback without knowing if there was a crocodile danger. And in the main, most animals are more scared of us than we are of them – they’ll here you coming and disappear.

Preparation and knowledge, like in most things in life, are our companion, when venturing outside our safe environment. There are wonderful websites explaining how to identify poisonous animals and what to do in the unlikely event of a snake or spider bite, how to treat dehydration, safe swimming spots. Most of these I had never read or needed in my blissful ignorant city life. Remember the truly most dangerous animal in Australia is actually- the horse!

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