Holiday Destinations for Australians – Gunung National Park, Malaysia

Holiday Destinations for Australians - Gunung National Park Malaysia
For a person like me, holidays are mostly spent in England as my relatives are there. Last year though, I travelled to Malaysia. It is one of the popular holiday destinations for Australians. It was really nice, as it had a mix of the urban and the natural. Only after completing the trip did I realise why Malaysia ranks as one of the top holiday destinations for Australians. Let me tell you about the highlights of my trip. Gunung Mulu National Park – It has one of the longest networks of caves in the world. You need to really explore them in order to experience it fully. There are various caves, but the most wondrous is Deer Cave. It is so big that it can accommodate three large cathedrals. You can also hike to “The Pinnacles“, which are natural marvels created by the weathering of limestone. The canopy walk is what I enjoyed the most. It takes you on a journey that is unimaginable. The screeching bats in the evening were both scary and fantastical. For me, it all was a once in a lifetime experience!


Some Scary Creatures under the Sea

Not only on land but the sea in Australia are full of scary creatures. I have already told you about the Sharks and Crocs. There are more creatures under the sea which are not only scary but fatal for us humans. The top three underwater killers are not big but fatal killers. Size does not matter here

Irukandji Jellyfish

Irukandji Jellyfish – Small but extremely dangerous are these jellyfish. Measuring just one cubic centimeter they are highly venomous and inhabit the marine waters of Australia. They fire their stingers into victims causing extreme pain and nausea. The venom is 100 times more potent than a Cobra, and can cause death if not treated quickly.



Blue-ringed Octopus

Blue-ringed Octopus – Yes octopus can be deadly, and the only species fatal to humans is found off the coast of Australia. Most scary fact is that these creatures inhabit the shallow coastal waters and are always present near the beaches. The venom can simply be passed through contact and there is no pain. In 10 minutes there can be total shut down of the body. The children and young adults are more at risk because of their body weight being less.

Conus the Snail that kills

Conus the Snail that kills – Could you ever imagine that a snail could kill? Well Australia has this surprise for you. Just six inches in size they look like a normal snail but are dangerous. The Conus is found in coastal waters and hunts fish. But accidental stings can cause death with no known anti-venom available. The venom is put into the victim via a harpoon like tooth propelled by a proboscis.

Weird and Fascinating Weather in the Land Down Under

I suppose having once lived in the UK and now living in Australia is the reason why so many people ask if I moved to Australia to enjoy sunnier days. Well the weather did come into the equations when thinking of moving to Australia but I wasn’t prepared for whats happening now. I’ve already had my introduction to some of the scary creatures of the Outback, but I daresay I can add some scary weather too. Ok, maybe the word scary doesn’t quite apply – more like weird I’d say. I mean one doesn’t quite associate Australia with temperatures of  13, snow and wind. But thats what happened in July and people who have lived here a long time tell me this is actually a rare weather phenomenon and  temperatures dipped far below average in Victoria and New South Wales.

red clouds

Its odd as one doesn’t quite associate snow and ice with Australia. I’ve seen how huge dust storms have blanketed huge areas of Australia’s southeastern coast already, literally covering covering cities and towns before moving out to sea. It may not be scary, but thick red clouds of dust or unusual snow – they may cause a bit of havoc but the weather conditions in Australia keep life pretty interesting.

My Introduction to the Grandness of the Outback


 As a Brit living in Australia now, the Outback intrigues me. It’s almost unthinkable that the world’s largest cattle station in it is almost the size of an entire country. The Outback isn’t only about desert like vegetation – there are other parts like creeks and canyons and even waterfalls. In spite of the sometimes pretty inhospitable temperatures, there are some deadly creatures living here. I joined an Outback Adventure tour toward the end of last year and thankfully was introduced to the Western Brown Snake. Our leader casually informed us that they have venom that kills and that we should simply watch where we put our feet and to stand dead still if we do meet one.


When we boarded our 4×4 again, he saw me scratching around my neck and said it may be the red back spider. Once again he casually announced that this spider can inflict severe pain to its victims and sometimes death. My horrified expression quickly made him admit he was just teasing. He said that the Outback has lots of creatures that have adapted to the extreme temperatures and weather extremes. Well that was my introduction to the Outback, but I promise to keep you posted about the many fascinating facts about this interest land.

Some more Dangers…..

I have talked about snakes and spiders and jelly fish as well. But there are many more animals which make Australia a dangerous place to travel especially hike.

Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodiles

These are pre-historic predators. They are 25 ft long and can kill with a single bite. The lurk near the river banks and it is very difficult to escape their jaws. One for the sharks in Oceans. They are really dangerous, so do not venture near river banks without care.

Sharks are dangerous


Australia is home to three different varieties of sharks which are dangerous. They are the bull shark, the tiger shark and of course the gigantic Great White. The Great White is most feared but the most dangerous is the Tiger Shark which will eat anything alive. Scary is it not?

Cute but Dangerous

Drop Bears

They look like Koalas but are not that cute. They lurk in trees waiting for prey and will drop to kill. It is really scary to find a cuddly bear with teeth in your neck.


The second largest bird in the world it is vicious. If threatened it will attack with its sharp claws and beak. It is beautiful but deadly. Attacks on humans are common with deaths also reported. will help you pay you medical bills.


Nightmares from the Ocean

First of all, if you are going to read this article, you should play this as the background music.

Over the past few years, we have found a lot of terrifying creatures that live in the depth of the oceans. However, none of these creatures compare to Australian fauna when it comes to pure terror.

What is so special about the creatures in Australian oceans, you ask? Well, I’m glad to tell you.

First of all, let’s talk about the sharks. Well, Australia’s home to the three most dangerous types of sharks- the Great White, Bull Shark and the Tiger Shark. Of this, the tiger shark and the great white live in the ocean, and they have been known to attack people in the past. In fact, over the past few years, sharks have started swimming close to the beaches in Australia, causing the death of a few beach-goers as well.

Second of all, there are the jellyfish. People might think they are not that much of a threat, but that is only because they have not seen the box jellyfish. The box jellyfish have tentacles that are more than 60 meters long. No. You read that right. 60. Meters. And  once they wrap their tentacles around you and inject you with venom, there is no going back. You will be dead within minutes.

Box Jellyfish

So, long story short, do not go into Australian oceans. This is literally where nightmares come from.

The Deadly Spiders

The hairy eight legged creature is really scary. In Australia you find the biggest, and the most dangerous spiders. There are close to 10,000 species of spiders in the island continent. I would just list a few most dangerous ones.


Australian tarantula

This is the scariest and the most infamous. With leg span of 22 cm and fangs measuring 1 inch, it is indeed an ominous sight. It is also the longest living species in spiders. They hiss when provoked and bite can invoke vomiting for 6 hours in humans. The venom is fatal for smaller animals like cats and dogs.

The Redback

Redback Spider
The Redback

This one is iconic. The most venomous and the bite can lead to death among young and old. The effect of venom can range from excruciating pain to paralysis. The anti-venom keeps the people safe though.

Sydney Funnel Web

Sydney funnel-web spider
Sydney funnel-web “The Aggressor”

The most terrifying of them all. This one attacks and is very aggressive. There have been many cases of these monsters clinging on to the victim and injecting their venom in dangerous quantity. The venom is highly toxic and is injected by huge fangs and can kill a man in 15 minutes.The symptoms after biting are spasm, palpitation, vomiting and swelling of the brain in some cases.


Brown Recluse - Loxosceles

They look very innocuous, but their venom destroys muscle and RBC. The injuries afflicted by bites are slow to heal and in extreme cases amputation may be required. However the fangs are quite small and their area is very limited.

So, this was a small review of some of the dangerous creatures of Australia.

More to come in the next post.





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